Selecting healthy clay cooking pots to make your favorite stews, one pot dishes and more


A popular use of clay vessels is for cooking soups, beans, making broth or stock, and for delicious family meals. But choosing the one cooking pot that will make the healthiest dishes without leaching toxins is the key. And of course, you would want to make sure your prepared food tastes delicious and retains all nutrients. Would it surprise you to find out these aspects all rely greatly on one factor? The raw material? Keep reading to fully understand the impact of this.

Materials in clay vessels

If you believe that clay pots are made from only clay, then you are underestimating this profit-centric market. For ease of making, and keeping costs low, most clay pots are made from low quality impure clay. To make the product colorful, glossy and sturdy, the makers use a plethora of additives. A majority of these contain toxic chemicals, metal oxides and glazes containing heavy metals. These heavy metals, when exposed to food during the cooking process leach toxic ions and contaminate food.

Glazed vs unglazed clay pot

Despite the toxicities involved, most clay pots in the market come glazed for reasons stated above. Besides being toxic, glazing also seals the pores of clay cookware taking away its natural and beneficial breathability. Therefore, if you really want to experience the goodness of authentic clay pot cooking, then you have to persist in searching for an unglazed pot. Even so, there are additional factors that determine the health value of a clay pot too. So keep reading to learn more.

How Miriams clay cookware keep your dishes healthy

Unlike other types of clay cooking pots, a US brand, Miriam’s Earthen Cookware (MEC) makes pots and pans from the purest form of clay, lab tested primary clay. MEC non toxic clay pots are truly glaze-free and no other materials are added. How is this made possible? Miriams follows similar techniques followed by ancient cookware makers – handcrafting pots and pans on a potters wheel. Additionally, Miriams pots come with ergonomic design and unique hand-finishing. This process ensures the final product has everything pure clay can offer and then some.

Gentle nutrient-rich cooking

Miriams pure clay cookware radiates earthen far infrared heat that penetrates deep and cooks food thoroughly while keeping nutrients intact. The special lid design seals in the steam which condenses on the cooler inside of the covered lid. Thus, the steam keeps falling back into the food – in the form of water soluble nutrients. This also helps retain flavor of all the vegetables, chicken, and spices, etc. and you don’t have to use additional seasoning before presenting food.

Energy efficient

Unlike harsh heat from ceramic or metal pots, this gentle heat is retained in MEC for 4 times longer so less need to reheat. Food cooks on low taking less time, and continues to cook passively after you turn off the stove. And if you’re looking for the most energy efficient cookware, MEC is your best bet!

Easy & convenient

These pots feature breathable walls that allow a constant supply of oxygen during cooking. As a result, ingredients remain flavorful and aromatic. Oh, and did we mention that you do not need to soak beans overnight? The lectins & phytates (anti-nutrients present in beans) are also thoroughly cooked and therefore well digested in the gut.

Moreover, while making soups, stews or one-pot meals, you can add all ingredients at once and let them cook in the same pot. MEC won’t over-cook food like a metal pot. Everything can be cooked with little preparation and no babysitting.

Compatible with any heat source

Finally, Miriams clay cookware can go on any source – gas, electric, wood-fire, coal-fire, outdoor grill, inside the oven and so on. It can go from stovetop or hot oven to table for eating, and later into the refrigerator. The extended rim on the periphery allows for easier handling as you can hold it securely using mitts.


The MEC cookware comes in 2 shapes – a round-bottom pot with lid, and a more flat-bottom pan with a conical lid. You can use the pot for pressure cooking recipes, slow cooking soup, Dutch oven recipes, roasting turkey, rice & grains cooking, making yogurt, etc. And the pan is great for sautéing, stir-frying, searing meat and for tagine recipes. You can use little to no oil as the inside surface becomes naturally non-stick once fully seasoned. You can use a single pot for different recipes – imagine, a multi-cooking pot for all your dishes.

slow cooking in MEC | can a dutch oven go in the oven and stovetop
Cook healthy meals in natural clay pots from MEC

Miriams earthenware pots come in many sizes so you can customize your own set depending on your favorite recipes. Ready to select your own healthy clay cooking pots and taste the natural flavor of your wisely chosen ingredients? Buy a cookware set from MEC’s online store today. Stock up before the holidays and prepare your dishes healthfully and toxin-free for years to come!


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