This Pressure Cooker, Rice Cooker and Dutch Oven combo is 100% Healthy


Three pots made from the same healthy material – 100% non-toxic, pure clay and can be used for so many types of cooking including pressure cooking, as a rice cooker and a Dutch oven. Doesn’t it sound great? In case you haven’t guessed already, I am talking about Miriams Earthen Cookware’s (MEC) set of 3 pots. 

This set includes pots of three different sizes: 7 cups, 10 cups & 16 cups that are enough to take care of most kinds of cooking in your kitchen: 

Pressure Cooking with MEC: 

This is nothing like conventional lock and seal pressure cooker that uses a metal pot. The conventional metal pot leaches toxins that contaminate food and destroys food’s nutrients with harsh near-infrared heat. To make matters worse, all the water-soluble nutrients (steam) has to be released through the vents before opening the lid! As a result, the food turns out to be toxic, nutritionally-deficient and tastes bland. 

MEC changes everything you know about conventional pressure cooking. The pure and natural raw material is naturally free from toxins, and is inert so doesn’t leach. The gentle far infrared heat cooks food while keeping delicate nutrients intact. The ergonomically designed pot and lid make sure the steam condenses on the inner surface of lid (that stays cooler than rest of the pot) and falls right back into food. The food cooked by MEC’s gentle yet powerful pressure cooker  not only tastes better but is also a lot healthier and nutritious. 

Rice Cooking with MEC 

Rice is full of simple and complex carbs, and we need a balance of both to stay healthy. While conventional metal and ceramics pots destroy complex carbs and leave rice with an excess of simple carbs (a potential cause of diabetes), MEC pots preserve both types of carbs, again thanks to farinfrared heat

Also, cooking rice in MEC is quite simple too: just add water and rice in 2:1 ratio, close the lid and let it cook over low to medium heat. You don’t need to stir it or add any additives, oil etc., it naturally turns out fluffy with the grains fully cooked and separate from one another (unless cooking sticky rice). 

MEC Dutch Oven 

As we know, a dutch oven is the king of a kitchen because it is a very useful and flexible piece of cookware. You can cook different types of food in it like soups, stews, vegetables, and other slow cooking recipes. When it’s made from pure clay, this can preserve the taste, color, health and nutritional value of your food for good! 

MEC dutch oven cooks food in a lot less time than the conventional and as expected, the food cooked in it is fully non-toxic, healthy, nutritious and delicious. You must try it yourself to experience what I am talking about. 

Here is the message from the horse’s mouth: 

“I recently came from India and was very sick since my stroke in 2011. My daughter got me the set of 3 MEC pure clay pots and we’ve been cooking in them ever since. There is so much difference in the way I feel. My therapist and my doctors cannot believe there is so much improvement in the way my body is functioning, my muscles are much stronger and more receptive to exercises and flexing, all my joint pain is gone… my energy levels are clearly higher. I am used to eating the same healthy food I eat now; the only difference is now I cook it in pure clay. I’ve made more progress in these short six months than in the past 2 years. I really think the lack of metals in the food and the fact that I am getting all the nutrients from the cooked food versus just half or less in metals is making all the difference in my recovery. It’s amazing how powerful nature really is! I can’t thank you enough for making these beautiful and extremely useful pots. Waiting to get my hands on the pans now… May God bless you. 

– Roshini Vijay 

“Never having used clay/earthen cookware before, I cannot believe what a difference this cookware has made in my family’s life. Buying three, I use one for general cooking-roasts, beans, one for yogurt-which changed my yogurt making forever-so creamy-so easy, and one for fresh water. I just can’t say enough positive things about this cookware. The safety testing of the clay, the information provided on the website and the packaging make this an amazing company.” 

– Judith 

Intrigued? You can also use MEC pots and pans as yogurt maker, slow cooker, bread baker, vegetable steamer, soups & stews pot and many more… Head over to MEC Store and order your own MEC set of pots to know what these can do in your kitchen. 


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