Best Rice Cooker – 100% Healthy & Non-Toxic


The breathable pot lets excess moisture evaporate and cooks the rice fluffy, soft and each grain separate from the other!  The unique far infra-red heat cooking the grains prevents any loss of nutrients.  No need to add any oil or other fats to get grains to separate or taste better. Just cook it in pure-clay and the pot will take care of the rest! Isn’t it the best rice cooker you can ask for?

It is very easy to cook rice in your pot. Just wash rice, add water and set over medium heat.  For best results, set aside the pot for exclusively cooking rice and other grains like quinoa, cracked wheat etc.  If you happen to use it for making soups and want to start reusing it for making rice, boil 3 cups of water in the pot and start using for grains again.

Note: Your pot might initially take about 10-15 minutes more to cook the rice.  But when fully seasoned (used 5-6 times), it will take just about the same time as any metal pots.

Cook Best Rice with the Best Rice Cooker made from pure clay:

Rice cooked in a clay pot is clearly healthier and there is a clear difference in taste as well.  Each grain of rice is much softer; brown rice turns out softer without drying out. One of our customers explains this difference in following words:

“Brown rice cooking is so much more tasty and enjoyable. Everything tastes so much better. My husband who was not a fan of quinoa and brown rice is now enjoying them to the point where he commented, “this is the best rice and peas I have ever tasted” Wow! That’s a lot coming from my husband who told me that he prefers white basmati rice to brown basmati. Well, with the clay pots, my husband now has no issues with brown basmati rice or quinoa.”  –Annette from Toronto Ontario, CAN

Best Rice Cooker made from MEC Pure Clay - 100% Healthy, Non-toxic and All-Natural

Here are detailed instructions for cooking the best rice in your pot.  Get your Non-Toxic Rice Cookware Today.

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