Seasoning: How to season MEC Pot?


This only needs to be done once before first use.

Thoroughly rinse the pot/pan and lid under running water for a few minutes and let it sit for 10 minutes. Meanwhile make the following mixture:

Add 3 tbsp of flour (any one of the following: wheat, rice, arrowroot, lentil, flour etc) to 1 cup of water.  Make it 4 tbsp to 1.5 cup water if seasoning the Large or X-large pot.  Stir thoroughly so it’s without lumps.  Using a few drops of cooking oil and a pinch of turmeric is optional.

Now fill your pot 1/4 with water, add the flour mixture, stir and place it on the stove and start on low.  Let it stay at this heat for 5-7 minutes then increase to medium heat.  Cook with lid on till it thickens to a broth. Turn stove off and wait for it to cool down, preferably overnight. The next morning pour broth out, rinse the pot with water and start cooking!