Healthy clay Dutch oven recipes with vegetables


Are you looking for Dutch oven vegetables recipes that are healthy and nutritious? Then you have come to the right place. By choosing the right ingredients and the right Dutch oven pot, you can cook the most filling and nourishing meals for your family with little babysitting.

Choosing healthy ingredients

Choosing the ingredients is a crucial first step – you should go for farm fresh organic vegetables that are grown locally, and avoid preserved, frozen and canned ingredients as they are processed and contain unhealthy preservatives. Instead, choosing fresh vegetables such as: carrots, sweet pepper, sweet potatoes, and beets; and seasoning with onion or garlic, salt and pepper, and fresh herbs such as thyme, parsley, or rosemary will make your recipe more rich and nutritious.

Additionally, you must choose pure and cold pressed oils like mustard oil, coconut oil, and olive oil over refined and imported varieties. However, it is best to cook with minimum oil and not heat the oil first because it breaks into unhealthy trans fat. Moving on to the next important step…

Choosing a healthy Dutch oven pot

Which is the healthiest Dutch oven pot? Some may say cast iron Dutch oven because of its heat retention but did you think about the ferric ions leaching from the cast iron and contaminating your food as you go about preparing your meals? Like all metals, cast iron is reactive and is toxic for cooking. These toxins are ingested with food and keep accumulating in the body to form the foundation for a compromised immune system and chronic health problems. So then, what is the healthier alternative?

Unglazed and 100% non-toxic

If you are looking for the perfect vessel that doesn’t leach and can cook all the vegetables dishes that your whole family enjoys in a healthy and nutritious manner, then you must go for Miriams pure clay Dutch oven. It is the only cooking pot in the market that is made from a pure and all-natural material, primary clay, after testing it in a reputable state lab for complete composition.

Uniquely designed

Thanks to Miriam’s ergonomic design and unique hand-finishing, their pots and pans offer some great features and benefits that are unique to their cookware:

Unlike metals and ceramics, Miriams clay radiates gentle far infrared heat that cooks while retaining nutrients and natural flavors of your ingredients. Their cookware locks steam naturally, resulting in retention of water soluble nutrients. Food cooks naturally moist and tender, and tastes delicious with the natural flavors and juices retained.

All the veggies are cooked evenly and thoroughly using deep penetrating earthen heat on the lowest heat setting while taking less time. The excellent heat retention of Miriams clay cookware allows for passive cooking and keeps food warm for 4x longer, reducing overall energy consumption to about 25%.

Naturally non-stick – no toxic coating

Using the pot back to back 5-6 times for making rice, beans, soup and other food with lots of water, makes it naturally non-stick (no need to season before every use). This means you don’t have to add oil first to prevent the food from sticking! Just replace the amount of oil in your recipe with water and you are good. This eliminates some calories. However, if you prefer, you can add healthy oils on top when the food is almost done.

Miriams Easy to Use

No need to add ingredients one after another or to stir frequently, as Miriams pot cooks at low temperature and the food, with enough liquid, doesn’t stick or burn. Water in clay is as oil in metal, and just a small amount of water will do.

Now that we have mastered the right ingredients and the right Dutch oven, keep reading to discover ideas for making your healthy vegetable faves in Miriams non-toxic Dutch oven:

Healthy Vegetable Recipes for Miriam’s clay Dutch oven

Sweet potatoes, yams and other root vegetables: When using Miriams pot to steam cook your root vegetables like potatoes, sweet potato, parsnips, carrots or baby carrots, they turn out way less starchy, more nutritious, and thoroughly cooked. Add onions, garlic, rosemary etc., followed by a mix of all the veggies (peeled, halved and diced, as needed), herbs and spices to the pot along with water, about a half cup. Cover the lid and cook on the lowest temperature setting until fully done. Let the pot sit for a few minutes after turning the stove off to let the flavors combine.

Baking and roasting in clay: Use a pot that is fully seasoned so the food doesn’t stick. The crust of your oven roasted veggies will be soft, the skin of peppers will seem to melt, and the insides will be tender and moist. They become fully cooked with the deep penetrating far infrared heat that these clay pots generate. Just a thin layer of oil is enough for baking or you can choose to bake or roast with no oil and little water. Miriams pan is ideal for this kind of cooking.

One pot meals: Healthy one pot meals are hearty and delicious when cooked in Miriams clay Dutch oven. All ingredients retain their natural flavors that combine to form a delicious one pot wholesome meal. For example, cook eggs with vegetables such as swiss chard or spinach, mushrooms, and tomatoes to create a delicious breakfast that will keep you nourished for the whole day. A hearty vegetable soup with raw carrot, celery, mushrooms, butternut squash and potatoes is easy to make for lunch or dinner. Season it with garlic, onion and other herbs such as thyme, and spices of your choice. Even if you eat a small bowl of this combination you will find it filling. Should you choose, however, you can add chicken or pasta.

Additionally, you can use Miriams clay Dutch oven for casseroles, and for non vegetarian dishes like chicken stock and meat including beef roast, oven roasted turkey, and much more. Serve in Miriams pure clay bowls to retain their health value.

Now that you know the best material – primary clay – for both non toxic food preparation and for serving your healthy and nutritious meals, head over to Miriam’s store to order your own handcrafted cookware and dinnerware set today.

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