Cooking Potatoes/Yams In MEC Clay pots


Cooking potatoes and yams can be a delightful treat or a bit of a mess depending on what pot you’re using!

When using MEC to steam cook your yams and potatoes they turn out way less starchy, more nutritious and thoroughly cooked. When cooked with metal pots it is much more sticky, more burning and uneven cooking.

Despite being often cast as a side dish, potatoes pack a healthy punch of fiber, good carbs and essential vitamins and minerals such as Manganese, Zinc and Vitamin C.  Yams are not to be left out either as they supply 27% of the daily value of Vitamin C, as well as Potassium and Metabolic B Vitamins.

A helpful tip: No need to peel the yams before cooking as the skin will come off easily once it’s cooked.