Cooking healthy one pot meals without “babysitting” or heating up your kitchen, in all-natural Dutch oven pots


Cooking one pot meals can be a lifesaver in the summer heat when you don’t want to spend hours in a scorching hot kitchen. And more so, if you don’t have to babysit your dish. You can enjoy this nutritious meal for your easy weeknight healthy dinner and cook for your whole family without sacrificing flavor or nutrients.

My own experience

Last weekend I was making brown rice pulao in my favorite Dutch oven while doing my laundry. I chopped and added all veggies with rice and water in the pot, put the lid on and set to cook on my gas cooktop. By the time I was done with laundry, my tasty food was ready to serve. Sounds too good to be true? Allow me to explain.

How to cook with no babysitting

Making anything is a breeze with these – just add all the ingredients, close the lid and turn the stove on low. Wait for a bit. And ta-da – your food is ready to serve!

This feature is a blessing particularly when making one pot meals because different ingredients often need to be added one after another because of different cooking time. Please keep reading because there is more.

All natural and non-toxic benefit

I use Miriams clay pot for all my cooking needs including for Dutch oven recipes. These are made from lab tested primary clay without additives. Pure clay is the only time tested all-natural cookware material that is 100% non-toxic and healthy.

Unlike reactive metals and ceramics, Miriams clay ware doesn’t without leach toxins and your food retains all its nutritional value.

A steaming pot of biriyani cooked in Miriams clay pot
Delicious one pot biriyani cooked in Miriams Earthen Cookware

Why this all-natural material doesn’t heat up the kitchen

Miriams handcrafted clay ware with its ergonomic design and unique hand-finishing has many healthy features.

Benefits of far infrared heat

One of these is far infrared heat cooking. This gentle heat radiates from the pure clay walls and penetrates food from inside out at low heat in less time.

Heat Retention

In addition, Miriams clay vessels retain this heat for a long time keeping food warm about 4x longer, unlike the so-called ‘instant’ pot which loses heat as soon as it finishes heating up. And where does that heat go? It adds degrees to your kitchen temperature making it intolerably hot. Therefore, using these all-natural pots keeps your kitchen cooler.

Food nutrition & flavor retained during cooking

Even the most delicate nutrients are heated gently and stay intact, making your meal extra nutritious and filling. As an added bonus, when you eat, you can taste the distinctive flavor of every single ingredient, making it amazingly delicious.

Miriams multi purpose clayware

You can use these multifunctional pots as a rice cooker, steamer, slow cooker, pressure cooker, bread baker and more. Read on to learn tips for cooking your favorite one pot meals with ease.

Tips for making dishes in Miriams Earthen Cookware (MEC)

  1. Although there is no need to add oil in the beginning as it breaks into trans fat, you can add healthy pure oils on top like cold pressed olive oil, coconut oil or sesame seed oil to make a more filling dish. No need to use oil if cooking for weight loss.
  2. There is no need to soak beans or grains beforehand. Far infrared heat cooks them just as fast and also breaks down anti-nutrients in beans (like black bean or green beans).
  3. No need to marinate meat or chicken thighs for long hours. These will absorb the fresh herbs and spices just as well while cooking.
  4. When your dish is just about done, you can turn the stove off – food continues to cook with the heat retained in the pot.
  5. For that extra kick, serve with MEC yogurt (learn how to make it in Miriams clay cookware in just 10 minutes hands-on) and/or crusty bread (learn how to bake it in MEC).

One Pot Meals to Try in Miriams clayware

Interested in making biriyani, chicken noodle soup, chicken broth or any of your favorite recipes in a healthy and smart way using Miriams clayware? Head over to our online store and place an order today. Here are some healthy one pot recipes you can eat and enjoy after cooking in your brand new pot:

People Also Ask:

What is a one pot meal?

Although one pot meals have different versions in different cultures, one thing is common – they all require just one pot like a Dutch oven, a skillet or one pan like a tagine.

All the ingredients are cooked together in the same pan or pot so the flavors meld to produce a wholesome hearty meal rich in nutrients.

How easy is it to cook one pot meals in Miriams clay pot?

This satisfying dish demands little effort, easy cleanup and saves time.

Our ancestors typically cooked one pot meals in a clay pot on a wood or coal fire. Experience the same authentic one pot meal today by cooking in Miriams clay pot.


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