Our journey into clay pot cooking started with our own families’ effort to eat healthy.  There was no point cooking food in pots that couldn’t hold nutrients intact, AND could possibly add their own ingredients –metals, into the food.  We had to look for a healthier alternative and all-natural clay pots were the answer.

Since we started cooking in our pots we’ve experienced a big difference in our own health and well being…  We have also heard from so many of you telling us your experience with this fascinating method of cooking and this is what motivates us to do what we do every day.

As much as it is important to cook food in clay, it’s also important that we cook the right kind of food in the clay pot.  From the day we started up until now our motto has been very simple, and one that is of an ancient origin—Let Food Be Thy medicine and thy medicine Food ~ Hippocrates—has been our driving force behind making our healthy line of cookware so people around the world can cook and eat healthy to enjoy an optimal life.  We chose the all natural way (no glaze, no additives to the clay) because we know that its the best and time tested & safe way to make cookware.

As much as we are about clay cookware we are also about cooking healthy food in the clay pot so to that end we’ve started this blog where you will find many healthy clay pot recipes, cooking tips and How-To tutorials and instructions to use your pot for the multi-cooking functionality it was designed for. Our sincere heart’s desire is that every person will get to experience the true taste and benefit of cooking food in clay pots at least once in their lifetime.

Wishing You Long, Healthy & Happy life! 

~ Miriam Kattumuri


Sheryl said:

hi miriam, could you please recommend a safe and healthy utensil to use with the clay pots?

Hi Sheryl, Wooden Spoons work great with our clay pots and they’re quite safe.

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