3 Healthy Breakfasts in 100% Healthy and Non-Toxic Cooking Pots


Who does not like a delicious and healthy breakfast every morning that can charge you up with nutrients for the day? And when it is cooked in Miriam’s Earthen Cookware’s healthy and non-toxic cooking pots, it is so much healthier and delicious. More on that at the end of this article, but here is how to cook some of your favorite breakfasts in MEC:  

1. Hot Porridge with Oatmeal with Sorghum.  

In an MEC pot, add 3 cups of water, 1-2 tsp of sorghum or ragi flour (both flours are added for their amazing health value and they taste great with oatmeal), cover and let it cook for 5 mins, then add 1 cup of oatmeal (preferably steel cut). Cover and let it cook for another 5 mins, add 1 cup of whole milk (or other milk according to your choice). Cover and let it cook on medium-low for another 5-7 mins, till done. Add a pinch of salt, and you may also add toppings like nuts & raisins, fruits, sweeteners like brown sugar, maple syrup or honey and spices like cinnamon, cardamom, or grated ginger (1/4-inch piece). If too thick, thin with a little more milk and serve warm.  

2. Kale & Whole Wheat Couscous  

In your MEC pot, add 1 1/2 cups water, 1 cup uncooked whole-wheat couscous. Cover and let it cook for 5-7 mins. Then add 1 tbsp of pure cooking oil, ½ cup tomatoes (thinly chopped), 3 scallions – green and white parts (minced), 2 tsp fresh thyme leaves, 5-ounce fresh organic baby kale or spinach, a pinch of ground black pepper and salt to taste. Cover the pot and let it cook on medium-low till done. Turn stove off then add 2 tsp lemon juice, stir, and let it sit for a few minutes. Serve warm.  

3. Savory Semolina  

This is a healthy and nourishing south east Asian breakfast. Break down Semolina pasta into small ½ inch size pieces. Dry roast the pasta for 5 minutes in an iron skillet, or till it turns slightly golden brown. You can dry roast the whole packet, and store in an airtight container. This recipe calls for 2 cups of roasted Semolina. 

 To your medium MEC pot, add 1 tbsp. of pure cooking oil, ½ tsp chopped ginger, 1 chopped green chili, 1 small, sliced onion, ¾ cups mixed vegetables (like carrots, peas, French beans etc.) – optional, stir to combine, cover, and cook for 5-7 minutes on medium low. Then add ½ tsp cumin seeds, ¼ tsp mustard seeds, 1 tsp chana dal, 1 tsp urad dal (the dal or lentils are added as part of an ayurvedic meal to add protein to your breakfast), and a pinch of asafetida. Stir, cover and let it on medium-low on the stovetop for 5 minutes, then increase to medium, add roasted semolina, stir for a minute to thoroughly combine, add 2.5 cups of water. Cover and cook for 10 mins on medium-low. Turn stove off. Let rest for 5 minutes and serve warm with pickle or curd.

Cooking these recipes in Miriam’s Earthen Cookware makes a great difference to their taste and nutritional value. First, cooking in MEC’s 100% non-toxic pot makes sure food stays uncontaminated.  

MEC pots cook with unique far infrared heat that penetrates deep into food even at low heat and cooking your food evenly and thoroughly without damaging the nutritional cells. The delicate nutrients like complex carbs, phytonutrients and flavonoids are preserved and the natural taste and color of the ingredients stay intact.  

When your breakfast is nutrient rich and healthy, you feel more energetic and fuller the whole day. Try incorporating these breakfasts into your weekly meal plan and see how filling and healthier you feel! Join the ranks of those who reclaimed their health through healthy eating, visit MEC Store and order your pure clay pots today!  


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