This unique method of making yogurt yields a much thicker and stronger yogurt


The thought of thick, creamy yogurt can tempt your taste buds any time but the process of making it wears out all the excitement. Most people complain of their homemade yogurt turning out watery, runny, or too sour or yogurt not setting at all! Some conscious healthy cooks are also worried about the toxins leaching from the yogurt maker or pot. This puts them in bit of a dilemma because the store-bought yogurt which may taste good for sure, is not healthy either. 

Is store bought yogurt healthy? 

The store-bought yogurt gets its taste and texture from several unhealthy additives and artificial sugars. The commonly used additives for thickening are gelatin (glue made from animal bones), pectin (a bio-polymer acid, lab-made ingredient), powdered milk etc. While the healthy homemade yogurt has a soothing effect on the digestive system and helps with many health issues, the store bought one might do just the opposite: bloating, discomfort, and uneasiness – which means this yogurt may be attacking the gut flora instead of building it. 

To take advantage of all the essential nutrients and health benefits the yogurt can offer, it is important to make it in a healthy way at home: 

Making Thicker and Stronger Yogurt at Home – in just 10 minutes! 

The secret to making thick and creamy yogurt is making it in a pure clay pot! While metal or ceramic pots may leach toxins and make yogurt unhealthy, 100% non-toxic pure-clay pots are semi porous so let excess water evaporate out. This makes yogurt thick, creamy, and stronger with a plethora of nutrients. With a pure clay pot, making yogurt at home is an easy 10-minutes hands-on process: 

  1. Heat the milk to just before boiling point (till small bubbles form on the surface). Turn stove off, and open lid and let it cool down for 30 mins or so, till you can put your little finger and hold it there for 5 secs. Now the milk is ready for the culture. 
  2. Add yogurt culture. 
  3. Set in the oven with the lid on and oven light on. 
  4. Let it incubate for 6-8 hours and the yogurt is ready. 

The yogurt keeps getting thicker and creamier the longer it stays in the pot. As no unhealthy additives or sugars are used, you will get healthy, delicious, and creamy yogurt every time with no nutritional loss. 

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