100% Natural Cookware: A Note Regarding Surface Imperfections


In order to provide to you the safest cookware, all of Miriam’s Earthen Cookware is made from the highest quality 100% pure and primary clay.  They are handmade without using any additives throughout the making process (i.e. processing of the clay, making, finishing, or firing of the pots). No glazes are used to cover imperfections either, so it is very natural for minor surface imperfections to be present.

Also note, we do not guarantee a perfect, machine-cut fit for lids.  The utmost care is taken to ensure they are made to fit well on the pots without the use of any additives to control or inhibit the clay’s natural shrinking properties.  For your benefit, you may see we have individually hand-marked the best fit for some lids with a pencil (especially for ones that sit better at one particular position). These pencil marks can be easily erased with a regular pencil eraser, if you don’t need them.

It is not a perfectly fitting lid that locks steam inside your MEC pots and pans. There are many other unique features that contribute to how steam management works, and you can read about it here: MEC’s Steam Management Properties Explained.

The imperfections on the ‘Alternate Line’ are more pronounced than the ones on the ‘Regular Line’.

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