Cooking pottery – types and perks


Cooking pottery has been around for centuries, but its effectiveness has not been diminished at all with the passing of time. Then and now, pure clay cookware remains the number one choice as far as healthy and safe kitchenware goes. As we all became more and more aware of the harmful thing we put inside our bodies, with all the fast food and processed foods we choose to eat and the chemicals o toxins that leach into our meals from regular cookware, cooking pottery started getting more and more attention. Even chefs in modern restaurants use it for different types of cooking and dishes. And that’s the great thing about clay pots and pans: they might have been around for hundreds of years, but they lend themselves even to the most fancy, modern dishes.

Types of cooking pottery

There are various suppliers of earthen cookware with very different styles of pots and pans, but if you want the real thing, the cookware that you can be sure it’s 100% natural and toxin free, then you need to choose pure clay pots. However, even these come in different types and the main distinction can be made between lidded pots and open bakers.

Clay pots with lids are perfect for both oven and stovetop cooking. If you’re planning to cook a beef broth, a stew or even steamed vegetables, there isn’t a better choice. It’s the best slow cooker you’ll ever find and the perk is that it’s not even that slow. A good, pure clay pot can reduce the cooking time to half.

Open bakers are like pans and don’t have lids, being the perfect choice for casserole dishes. If you’re feeling like lasagna, scalloped potatoes or even roast chicken, this type of cooking pottery is your best choice. They also come in a variety of sizes, so you’ll have it easy finding just what you need.

Perks of pottery cookware

Apart from the fact that all your slow cooking will not be so slow after all, cooking pottery has the great perk of being utterly safe and healthy, as said. Do your research, find and buy pure clay cookware that has been tested for lead and cadmium, or all other nasty toxins you usually find in pots and pans, and you’ll never have to worry about toxins leaching into your food again. Other than that, they’ll pretty much last you a lifetime, as long as you clean them and care for them properly, which isn’t that much of an effort to begin with. Scrapping food off a regular pan is certainly much more of a hassle.