I see pencil markings running from the edge of the lid to the rim of the pot/pan, what are they?


When making pure-clay ware without elasticizes, plasticizers or petalite (an ore of lithium).  Some lids may naturally warp slightly during firing.  For this reason we check and mark those pieces with a pencil, with the mark running from the edge of the lid to the rim of the pot.

Here are some answers to additional questions you might have:

1. Are products that have the pencil marks from the regular line?

Yes, we mark both the Regular and Alternate line.

 2. Won’t the pencil marks eventually wash off? Then, you would not know how the lid should fit on that pot….

Yes, the pencil marks would eventually wash off but before then a.  with repeated use — heating and cooling — the pot/lid pair would ‘settle’ into a certain best fit position.  B.  When you see the mark fading you could easily re-mark the same place with the pencil.

3. If the pencil marks indicate the exact position that the lid should be sitting on the pot then other lids from other pots would not fit, correct? Hence, only a specific lid will fit with a specific pot.

There could be other lids that fit the pan/pot but in that given batch of firing this pair have the best fit.