Easier & Healthier Beans & Lentils Cooking


Love the idea of home cooked beans, but having trouble getting them to cook right? Beans turning out half cooked? Dry or thirsty? Cook them in your MEC clay pots to get evenly cooked, moist, delicious & nutritious beans or lentils every time.

All pots are not made equal and depending on the pot you’re using, the food can have different results. When made in an inert, unglazed 100% natural clay pot, the pot does not react to the food and there is no leaching of it’s ingredients — like with metal, glazed or enameled pots. Your beans & lentils cook with far-infrared heat emitting from the walls, this lets seasoning & spices penetrate deeper without damaging the surface. This gentle form of heat also does not move the food around in the pot too much, and thus  prevents it from getting mushy.  Heat moves in even, tight concentric circles, the way the pot was shaped and thus evenly & thoroughly cooks your food.

“The chickpeas I made in the pot had a totally different taste, they turned out softer, so thoroughly cooked and they had a sweetness I haven’t tasted before, (am using the same beans).  Its possibly because they didn’t get tainted with metal ions.  My hummus came out heavenly!!” Kari Velcia, AZ USA

How to cook beans and lentils in your MEC pot?

It’s very easy to cook dried lentils or beans in your pot: – add the washed beans/lentils, then add water in this ratio: one part beans/lentils to 2-3 parts water. Set stove on medium heat or slightly more than medium.  Once you see the water boiling you can turn the low to medium low.  Let it cook on stove for as long as its fully cooked or half cooked depending on the recipe you are using it for. It takes about the same time to cook if cooked in metal pots. You’re beans/lentils are fully cooked if one can smash easily when pressed to the side walls of the pot with a fork.

While some beans require pre-soaking, most lentils and other beans can be cooked without pre-soaking. Let the unique far infrared heat do the job for you! More detailed information on cooking the different types of lentils & beans, the cooking time, pre-soaking information etc. can be found clicking this link.

Healthy tips when cooking beans/lentils in your pots:

Try to cook both whole grain & non-whole grain lentils or legumes together. Adding the whole grain version with the other kind just makes the recipe so much healthier and increases fiber content. With the even cooking  possible with MEC, both grains cook to a perfect consistency.

You can add salt 5-7 minutes before turning stove off.  Unlike with metal pots, the salt even if added in the end does get well incorporated..  It’s better to add in the end so the skin doesn’t get hard and you’ll only need to add half as much as what might be needed if added in the beginning.

Get rid of flatulence by doing the following:

a) While pouring out water from beans soaked overnight let any peeled off skin to flow out with the water, don’t add skin back into the beans. For example soaked garbanzo beans might have some of their skin peeled the next morning. When pouring that water out, let the skin go with the water.

b) Even though pre-soaking is not necessary with most lentils with MEC pots, it might be a good idea if you can pre-soak for at least 30 mins to an hour and discard that water to get rid of flatulence especially when cooking for people with issues with digestive system.

c) Adding a pinch of asafoetida (a healthy spice taken form the giant fennel plant) can also reduce flatulence by reducing the growth of indigenous micro flora in the gut. Turmeric also when added aids in proper digestion of food and balances acidity, reducing flatulence.

With MEC’s multi-cooking pots and pans you can do more than just cooking beans or lentils. They can be used to make:

Excellent soups, stews, curries, gravies.

Fluffy, beautiful rice/grains without oil or other additives or pre-soaking,

Naturally, Thick Yogurt without straining or artificial thickeners,

Moist Breads and so much more…



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