Clay pot recipes for this Spring

Spring recipes

So you’ve got your MEC pot and now that Spring is quickly approaching, cooking beef broth or baking turkeys doesn’t seem like the right way to go. Worry not, as there are plenty of healthy clay pot recipes that you can try out to enjoy the fresh flavour of the season.

Pasta and beans

Spring …

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Chemicals, Metals & Oxides used in Ceramics, Stoneware, Porcelain, glazes & enamel:

What is in Ceramic, Stoneware and their glazes & enamel?  How is it different from MEC’s clay? 

Ceramic clay, porcelain, stoneware and the glazes and enamel used for the coating are a composition of different chemicals, oxides and metals.  The percentage of natural clay (which is usually secondary clay) is anywhere from 4 to 9%.  …

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Pure-Clay Pot Fish Curry

Delicious Fish curry recipe made in a pure clay pot.

clay pot fish curryEven after people of the ancient Southeast Asian culture gradually switched from cooking in clay to metals, they have always cherished cooking their fish in clay this is partly because of a unique nutrient rich ingredient – tamarind, which is at its best only when cooked in clay.

Now we know that metal ions are …

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Make Jams, Jellies & Pickles — Without any Additives

How to make Homemade Strawberry Jam.  Made in 100% non-toxic pure-clay pot.
Fresh Strawberry Jam made without additives or thickeners, in MEC pure clay pots.


3 -4 cups of Strawberries – washed and sliced

11/4 cup of brown sugar or Jaggery (sugar cane syrup)

1 medium sized lemon juice and zest.

A pinch of salt.

Recipe Cooking Method:

Add sugar, salt, lemon juice and zest to …

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Pressure Cooking with MEC:

Best Slow Cooker Because of the unique design and the purity of the raw material, MEC pots have the ability to naturally lock almost all the steam inside the pot, letting food cook with its own steam. There are many valuable benefits to using MEC pressure pots instead of a conventional pressure cooker and those benefits are discussed here: Read More