What is Pure Clay Cookware:

Pure Clay Cookware – 

Pure-clay cookware are cooking pots and pans made using natural, 100% Primary Clay without the use of additives, extenders, plasticizers, dyes, chemicals during the preparation of the clay, making of the pots, finishing or firing processes.  Primary clay is clay that has not been moved by wind or water and contains

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Clay pot cooking: Chicken & Cilantro Stir-Fry

This is an aromatic recipe with juicy bites of chicken cooked in a tomato and onion base with an assortment of spices and topped off with cilantro! The MEC Tagine pans make great saute pans here's why: No need for oil or extra water/stock to cook the chicken/vegetables because almost ALL the steam is locked inside. This combined with the unique heat allows spices to penetrate deeper creating a moist and flavorful meal that is very nutritious too. Goes well with plain rice, flavored rice and/or any choice of breads. Read More

Why Your MEC Pot Makes a Great Pressure Cooker

Nutritious Cooking is best done in a pure clay pot

A pressure cooker is a piece of kitchenware that’s made up of a pot, usually metal, and a lid that locks perfectly, allowing you to cook under pressure. Although conventional pressure cookers are made from stainless steel or aluminum, by now we have sufficiently reinforced the argument of how dangerous and harmful for our health …

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Use your lead free slow cooker on stove-top

The best slow cooker is one that can cook your food without contaminating it by adding its toxins into the food.

Slow cookers are highly convenient, we can’t argue with that. You add all the ingredients at the beginning and program the slow cooker without any need to babysit the food. It’s the whole “set and forget” extravaganza. But metal slow cookers are poisoning you and your family. The heavy metals in their composition and all …

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MEC pots & pans – Green Kitchenware at its best

100% Green cookware 

We’ve all heard the stories about organic produce and how important it is to eat healthy, locally grown foods that have been grown without the use of pesticides. However, it is equally important, if not even more so, to cook these foods properly and in the right cookware, as not to damage their nutrients and …

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Simple and delicious clay pot recipes

how to keep food nutritious after cooking

It just cannot be stressed enough how many delicious recipes you can make in your clay pot. It’s so versatile and it lends itself to so many types if cooking that we just can’t resist sharing yummy yummy clay pot recipes again and again. Stay tuned, as we will be adding new ideas and recipes …

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King of Healthy Soups – Lentils with Vegetables Soup

King of healthy soups made in clay pot 


Because of the choice of ingredients – a healthy assortment of vegetables and lentils called pigeon peas and cooked with choice spices like cumin, turmeric, paprika and coriander powder– this soup has come to be known as the King of healthy soups.  It’s key or base ingredient, the pigeon peas with their distinctly delicious nutty

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Spinach with Potatoes

Preserve nutrients with MEC's healthy pots and pans

Spinach with Potatoes - Clay pot cooking Recently we’ve been answering questions regarding cooking spinach recipes in your clay pots.  Here’s a recipe we’d like to share with everyone — completely wholesome and delicious! One great advantage of cooking this in your clay pot is that, the complete recipe can be done in one pot.  While when cooking with metals you might …

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