Clay pot cooking: Chicken & Cilantro Stir-Fry

This is an aromatic recipe with juicy bites of chicken cooked in a tomato and onion base with an assortment of spices and topped off with cilantro! The MEC Tagine pans make great saute pans here's why: No need for oil or extra water/stock to cook the chicken/vegetables because almost ALL the steam is locked inside. This combined with the unique heat allows spices to penetrate deeper creating a moist and flavorful meal that is very nutritious too. Goes well with plain rice, flavored rice and/or any choice of breads. Read More

Simple and delicious clay pot recipes

how to keep food nutritious after cooking

It just cannot be stressed enough how many delicious recipes you can make in your clay pot. It’s so versatile and it lends itself to so many types if cooking that we just can’t resist sharing yummy yummy clay pot recipes again and again. Stay tuned, as we will be adding new ideas and recipes …

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King of Healthy Soups – Lentils with Vegetables Soup

King of healthy soups made in clay pot 


Because of the choice of ingredients – a healthy assortment of vegetables and lentils called pigeon peas and cooked with choice spices like cumin, turmeric, paprika and coriander powder– this soup has come to be known as the King of healthy soups.  It’s key or base ingredient, the pigeon peas with their distinctly delicious nutty

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Spinach with Potatoes

Preserve nutrients with MEC's healthy pots and pans

Spinach with Potatoes - Clay pot cooking Recently we’ve been answering questions regarding cooking spinach recipes in your clay pots.  Here’s a recipe we’d like to share with everyone — completely wholesome and delicious! One great advantage of cooking this in your clay pot is that, the complete recipe can be done in one pot.  While when cooking with metals you might …

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Pure-Clay Pot Fish Curry

Delicious Fish curry recipe made in a pure clay pot.

clay pot fish curryEven after people of the ancient Southeast Asian culture gradually switched from cooking in clay to metals, they have always cherished cooking their fish in clay this is partly because of a unique nutrient rich ingredient – tamarind, which is at its best only when cooked in clay.

Now we know that metal ions are …

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The Ideal Yogurt Maker:

Best Yogurt Maker You can make excellent healthy, home made yogurt in your MEC pots. It turns out more delicious, thicker and for sure healthier… and all you need is the pot! No need for any additional gadgets. It’s easy to make, and there are 3 steps involved: heat the milk to just before boiling point (till small bubbles form on the surface), let it cool down to about 110 degrees. Add yogurt culture. Set in the oven with lid on and oven light on. Let it incubate for 6-8 hours.... Read More

Cooking Healthy Beans & Lentils: Different Types, Cooking time, Nutritional Value & Taste

Black beans with Parsley cooked in Pure Clay If you are looking for a healthy substitute for meat, lentils are for you. Teeming with nutrition especially protein and Iron and low in fat, lentils fill you up without feeling the need for fatty foods. Lentils are tiny beans belonging to the legume family. They add color to your kitchen racks as they come in black, green, red, white, yellow and brown shades. Lentils are available throughout the year and can be stored fresh in air tight containers for up to 2 years! Read More

How to Cook Pasta?

Cooking Quiona in the Healthiest way The directions are the same when cooking pasta in your pot. You don’t have to wait for the water to boil. Add pasta to water on the stove (don’t wait for the water to boil), close the lid and let it cook, check the pot in 20-25 minutes. Using a fork, press the pasta against the wall of the pot to check if it’s cooked. If it’s not cooked give it a few more minutes, check again in a few minutes and turn the stove off when the pasta looks like it’s almost done. Turn the stove off and give it 5 minutes and until al dente... Read More

Cook your Best Soups & Stews… No Taste of Metals

Best Slow Cooker

One of the first things that convinced me that Clay Cooking was a worthy pursuit to dedicate my life was after tasting a soup with lentils cooked in a clay pot!  So many years later I still remember the taste, it was like nothing I’d tasted before, there was so much more flavor and richness to each grain of lentil.  My experience since that 1st time has only increased in appreciation for food cooked in clay…

It’s very easy and quick to make soups in your clay pots.  Here's a list of few things to keep in mind:

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